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Discover Kollab

Kollab is a cool new tool for musicians, producers, and creative folks who love making music together. It lets you collaborate in real-time on your music projects, which is super handy. Plus, you can easily share your stuff with others and keep everything synced up. And here’s a neat feature: with Kollab, you can even share your projects with the whole community, so everyone can jam along and make cool stuff together. It’s all about making music collaboration easy and fun!

It’s a fantastic new tool for musicians, producers, and anyone who enjoys making music with others. It allows you to collaborate on your music projects in real time, which is incredibly useful. You can also effortlessly share your work with others and ensure all your project files stay in sync. What’s even cooler is that with Kollab you can share your projects with the entire community, so everyone can participate and create together. It’s all about making musical collaboration easy and enjoyable for everyone involved!

With this software, we are transforming musical collaboration. Our software fosters a vibrant, innovative community where artists can exchange ideas and work together seamlessly in real time.

Benefits of using Kollab

Easy and Fast Sharing of Music Project

Automatic Project Synchronization

Project Version Control

Secure Backup and Restoration of Each Project Version

Increase Visibility for Creators and Their Works

Easy and Fast Sharing of Music Project

Real-Time Collaboration

Easy Integration with Top DAWs

Intuitive and User-Friendly Interface

Our music collaboration software is compatible with top DAWs.


Studio One
FL Studio
FL Studio
Ableton Live
Ableton Live

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Unlimited shares
Support 24/7
Unlimited projects
Unlimited access

Frequently asked questions

Yes, directly within the application. When you create an account, there will be a button at the bottom left to try a free trial version for 14 days. 😊

With Kollab music collaboration software, join a dynamic community of artists to collaborate seamlessly in real time. Share your creative projects effortlessly, ensuring synchronization between all collaborators. Discover the best online music collaboration tool now!

Kollab works by providing a user-friendly platform where you can upload and collaborate on artistic projects. It’s designed to be intuitive and easy to use.

Kollab music collaboration software offers real-time synchronization, compatibility with popular DAWs, project sharing, and an affordable pricing structure among its key features.

Kollab offers an annual subscription where users will need to renew their key each year to continue accessing their data and projects. If a user chooses not to renew their key, their data will be retained but inaccessible. To regain access, they will need to purchase a new key. Kollab’s prices start at $14.99 for the basic version, the standard version is priced at $24.99, and the premium version at $39.99.

Kollab is tailored for artists, musicians, producers, and creative professionals seeking seamless collaboration and effortless sharing of their work. Join a vibrant community of creators and bring your projects to life with ease.

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